DeltaEx Coin (DLTX) Launch Soon (15 March 2019)

DeltaEx Coin is a Ethereum based ERC20 standard token built and trasacted on Ethereum platform implemented by project DeltaExchange to support & accelerated the progression of DeltaExchange.

About Coin

•  DelatEx Coin is a strategy to expand bring more clients towards DeltaExchange.
•  DLTX is built as a base currency backed by real BTC & ETH currency which will be supported in DeltaExchange.
•  DLTX can be used for paying fees, listing other coins, online promotion and various bounty programs.
•  DLTX can be used for exchange / trade other currencies.

Technical Aspects 

• Name : DeltaEx Coin
• Url :
• Short Name : DLTX
• Type : ERC20 based Ethereum Coin
• Contract Add: 0xD2FdeC41A69906D29D9358339e1BBAc0Cde68532
• Total Supply : 500 Million Coins
• For Sale : 60 Million Coins

Coin Distribution

• Type : ERC20 based Ethereum Coin
• Total supply : 500,000,000 ( 500 Millions)
• Crowd sale : 60,000,000 (60 Millions) For 3 months only
• Founder Reserved : 50,000,000 (50 Million) 
• Corporates : 100,000,000 (100 Million)
• Promotion & Bounty : 100,000,000 (100 Million)
• Market making & Liquidity : 190,000,000 (190 Million)

How to join

• Sign up with DeltaExchange at
• Go to trade section find DLTX.
• Users can purchase any amount of DLTX using BTC / ETH / USDT or with our offline partners.
• You get your DLTX immediately transferred to your DLTX wallet in DeltaExchange.
• You can refer your friends to earn 15% at first level and 5% of 2nd level joiner’s.
• Exchange listing price 0.17 at end of crowd sale.


• DeltaEx Coin will be available for purchase only through our crowd sale for period of 3 months from start 15th March 2019.
• DeltaEx Coin will be backed by real BitCoin, Ethereum and USDT (Tether).
• DeltaEx Coin will also be listed on different exchanges where users joined in DeltaExchange can sell DLTX on other exchange without any restrictions only for generic buyers.
• DeltaEx Coin can be used for paying exchange fees, listing fees, promotions and bounty programs.
• DeltaEx Coins will be locked for crowd sale users for 4 months from the date of listing where as after 4 months each month users would be able to receive 25% of their holdings each month distributed on daily basis up to balance of their holdings.

Trade and Earn more

There are exciting opportunities at DeltaExchange when joining DeltaEx Coin as below.
DLTX holders once exchange opens trading of DLTX after end of crowd sale user can

• Buy / Sell DLTX
• What ever profits made over the trading of DLTX either on BTC / ETH / USDT can be withdrawn as follows.
• Trade DLTX with any base pair available in DeltaExchange and make a good volume.
• Depending upon your volume together you can withdrawn profits in BTC / ETH / USDT as 100$ for each 10,000$ of volume traded in DeltaExchange.

Maintaining a healthy price and volume

• We at DeltaExchange are committed to bring more generic buyers with DeltaExchange as well with other exchange.
• With an listing price of 0.17$ DeltaEx Coin we DeltaExchange will maintain a good enough liquidity as well volume over 100k $ on the first day and then subsequently to 10 Million USD.
• Get listed into CoinMarketCap
• Promote DeltaExchange as well DeltaEx Coin to various online social media, forums and advertising platforms.
• Keep a generic record of trading being going on and transfers of DeltaEx Coin.