$1 Million Bitcoin (BTC) Bounty Started for Dedicated Hunters

Another exciting Bitcoin bounty game has commenced, this time challenging hunters to crack a complex puzzle of 1,000 hidden keys. Combining 400 of those keys would lead to the discovery of a Bitcoin (BTC) treasure possibly worth $1 million.

Satoshi’s Treasure is an anonymous bounty game that promises to be extremely challenging, hiding numerous clues and hints, with daily updates expected to lead up to the keys. The game promises to hide keys in public spaces, and invites collaboration of teams, as the puzzle is complex.

“A wallet containing 1M USD worth of BTC has been split into 1000 keys using the splitting magic of Shamir. The combination magic of the same wizard can be used to reconstitute a private key with 400 of those splits,” states the message at the basis of the game.

The start of the game was allegedly received over Blockstream Satellite, sending out a series of coordinates for real-world locations.

From then onward, the game will issue weekly clues, while the puzzle becomes tougher. Hints are hidden everywhere, as in the case of “the magic of Shamir”, possibly referring to the methods of Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir.

For now, a set of locations has pointed to part of the keys, listing cities on both sides of the globe.

In the past, Bitcoin keys have been hidden in works of art, and there have been smaller cryptographic games in the past. The wallet for the current Bitcoin hunt is also unknown, as no address has been cited as containing the prize. There is also no knowing whether the bounty has anything to do with Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Nakamoto is believed to have had control of Bitcoins which are now worth close to $1 billion.